1. How do I purchase from you?
    Designers Only Showroom is open exclusively to the trade – interior designers, architects, and other trade professionals. We do not sell directly to the public. If you are an industry professional, you may download a showroom application here. If you are not a member of the interior design profession, we recommend checking with our local professional A.S.I.D chapter to find a designer.
  2. What lines do you represent?
    Designers Only Showroom represents an extensive variety of mid to high end product lines from around the world. Please view our complete list of lines here.
  3. I want to purchase from a line you do not represent? How can I find it?
    Please give us a call! We are always glad to put our heads together and determine where the line is available to purchase.
  4. How do I place my order?
    Orders may be placed via phone, fax, e-mail, or in person at the showroom.
  5. What is a C.F.A.? Do I need one?
    C.F.A. stands for Cutting for Approval. It is a small piece of the current product stock that is mailed to the designer for color reference. C.F.A.’s are available for most fabric, trimming, leather, and wallcoverings. Designers Only Showroom recommends ordering a CFA if an exact color match is essential to your project. C.F.A.’s are required for all leather orders, due to the variance in the natural hide.
  6. What is C.O.M.?
    C.O.M. is an acronym for Customer’s Own Material. Many of our furniture lines allow one to specify fabric from another vendor to further customize a piece. If you wish to specify another vendor’s leather, that would be C.O.L. – Customer’s Own Leather.
  7. How much will my shipping charges be?
    Although a few of our vendors have a set rate for shipping, the vast majority will bill the shipping charges after the order is shipped. Because the shipping is billed after the order has shipped, Designers Only Showroom is not able to estimate any charges. Our clients will be invoiced for shipping as soon as we have received the shipping invoice.
  8. May I purchase items from the showroom floor?
    Absolutely! The items from our showroom are available for our clients to purchase, or to be checked out on approval. Please reference the checkout-policy in your showroom application for further details.
  9. What is your return policy?
    Items purchased from the showroom floor are non-returnable. Product return policies will vary from vendor to vendor. Please let us know if you have a specific question or concern.
  10. May I bring my clients to the showroom?
    Yes! Your client may accompany you to the showroom. We do ask that you sign in at our front desk so the showroom staff is aware that you are visiting with your client that day.

If you are unable to accompany your client, you must make arrangements with the showroom staff to schedule a time for your client to come in. We strongly encourage you to come in with your client, as you are the best person to offer them direction and feedback!